Venue & Access Information

Most ReimagiNation events take place around Cumbernauld Town Centre. Signs and staff in the Shopping Centre centre will direct you.

ReimagiNation is accessible on foot, by car, rail or bus. Check Traveline Scotland for up to date public transport information.

Cumbernauld Shopping Centre venues:

Festival Hub, Cinema and Library/Bookshop: Teviot Walk (ground level).
Castle Comics: Turn right at the top of the escalator on Teviot Walk.
Cumbernauld Library and Museum: Allander Walk (top floor). Fully accessible.
Penthouse Flats: Please note that there is no wheelchair access to the Penthouse Flats. There is lift and ramp access to Avon Walk (on which the flats are located) from Allendar Walk, but there are steps within the flats themselves which limit access.

Beyond Cumbernauld Shopping Centre:

New Town Hall, Bron Way: Opposite the Antonine Centre, between The Tryst and Central Heath Centre. Fully accessible, parking available.
St Mungo’s Parish Church, 4 St Mungo’s Road: Directly outside Tweed Walk Shopping Centre exit.
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Kyle Road, Kildrum: Parking available.