Illustration Collaboration 4

In a series of posts, we are delighted to share the artworks that third year Edinburgh College of Art illustration students created in response to texts by our Citizen Writing Group.

Miranda Li

The Surprise in the Soup by Margaret McKay

An upset on Christmas Day is something to avoid.

Every year my husband persists in making Cock a Leekie soup to start off the festive meal.

Family members know what’s coming but visitors are unprepared. “Mmm” they say, “chicken and leek soup. We like that”. But cock a leekie deceives them.

Following the French tradition, a prune – or pruneau to give it the recipe title – sits at the bottom of each bowl, looking up, daring you to sup.

Aner Wang

Lucy Stewart


We are extremely grateful to the Third Year Illustration students at Edinburgh College of Art, and Harvey Dingwall for making this collaboration possible. The Citizen Writing Group is part of Citizen, our flagship communities project which is supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery and through the PLACE Programme (funded by the Scottish Government, City of Edinburgh Council, and the Edinburgh Festivals, and supported and administered by Creative Scotland).

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