Jeffrey Archer

A reunion thirty years in the making…

At the core of Booked! is a desire to expand engagement with literature and book events in communities across the country. Readers come in all flavours and we passionately believe in providing something for everyone. The opportunity to host global publishing behemoth Jeffrey Archer for a one-off event in Scotland offered a rare chance to reach readers across the country who share a passion for the twisting plots and richly drawn characters of Archer’s worlds. This included reading groups from Ratho, Sighthill and Wester Hailes Libraries, who were specially invited to attend the session and encouraged to engage with Archer’s writing.

The event at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall also represented Jeffrey’s first appearance at a Book Festival event since our debut Festival back in 1983. Speaking with regular Festival chairperson Ruth Wishart, the author entertainingly told of his writing habits, the new and concluding chapter of his Clifton Chronicles series This Was A Man, and his wider life and work – touching on everything from Thatcher, Theresa May and his wife Mary to Donald Trump’s victory in the previous night’s Presidential election.

After a warm and well-received event, Jeffrey stayed on stage to meet and greet his fans, ranging from long-time readers to new discoverers. It was clear from their reactions and their words that the chance to meet such a high-profile author was an immensely rewarding and entertaining experience.

“My readers had an absolute ball and I’ve come in this morning to a list of reservations for Archer’s books.”
Diane Yule, Team Leader, Sighthill Library
Attendees from Ratho Library

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