Precious objects inspire Citizen writers

This week we’re sharing the work of Jean McKinnon and Lannah Battley, as they explore the stories of objects they have lived with for many years.

There are some objects that we carry with us through life. It might be a treasured gift, a trinket passed down by a family member, or even something we didn’t realise we loved until we can no longer find it. Certain objects can prompt memories, stories and anecdotes about the past.

Lannah Battley and Jean McKinnon were part of the Brunton Citizen Writers’ Group. Working with Eleanor Thom, our Communities Writer in Residence, they produced creative writing on a range of topics, from the local Musselburgh landscape to local history, as well as some more personal reflections like the pieces shared here.

Through Lannah’s and Jean’s writing, the objects described here become a window on to the world of each writer. We’re so pleased to share their work.

Click the player below to listen to Lace Crochet Pattern, by Jean McKinnon. To see the full transcript, click here.

Click the player below to listen to Owl, by Lannah Battley. To see the full transcript, click here.

A photograph of an ornamental garden owl


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