Reimagining Glenrothes’ Public Art

Making the New Town new again

Following a successful creative collaboration for ReimagiNation: Cumbernauld in 2017, we welcomed final year illustration students from the Edinburgh College of Art to Glenrothes last month for a special project which will feature in May’s Festival.

Like other Scottish New Towns, Glenrothes is bedecked with pieces of weird and wonderful public art, which act as decorations, memorials, and wayfinders in areas where landmarks had to be created. Working with P7 pupils of St Paul’s RC Primary School in Glenrothes, the students visited a selection of these sculptures and collaborated with the pupils to design fun new activities which people from the town and beyond can use to find out more about the artworks and put their own spin on them too.

These will be printed and freely available at ReimagiNation: Glenrothes for you to pick up and try; but we love them so much we wanted to make them even more accessible. Click on the images below to access downloadable and printable PDFs of each activity sheet – each one should fit on a single A4 sheet when printing on both sides.

Try them out and tweet us your efforts using @edbookfest and #ReimagiNation.

Teachers and parents looking to get children thinking about their hometown, whether that’s Glenrothes or not, check out our learning site for a great resource offering tips and activities to inspire creative thinking. Click here to visit:

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