4 Moments

Charlotte Square, 2012

A poet performs his poem twice, first in English and then in Gaelic. He moves differently in the two languages. His body-language shifts. His facial expressions change.
I feel stirred.
I want to learn Gaelic.

Charlotte Square, 2018

Val McDermid talks about her writing. She invites questions and comments. I raise my hand and the microphone arrives.
– I don’t like crime fiction…
– Then why did you come?
We all laugh.
– My friend bought me a ticket.
– Doesn’t your friend like you?
We all laugh again.
I make my point about our obsession with crime fiction.
– So many corpses in so many living-rooms every night.
I feel heard.
I want to be a part of this.

Edinburgh College of Art, 2022

I read my story. It’s about what it’s like to be an outsider encountering a Gaelic poem. People listen.
I feel excited.
I want to write a book.

Edinburgh Futures Institute, 2024

Sara Cox interviews me about my new book.
– Outlandish has touched the heart of Gaels and non-Gaels alike. It’s a book about being an outsider, about understanding, misunderstanding and missing.

I feel proud.

Daphne Loads