Discoveries, and home away from home

Where to start. There‘re so many moments close to my heart.

The very first time I attended the festival was in 2008. The atmosphere of a picnic with word-lovers. The hush or excitement in the tents when wise words or ideas or common sentiments were shared. The Spiegeltent (who knew I’d learn German a decade later and finally understood the name). Discovering AL Kennedy. OMG that love affair is still happening. I got her to sign my book in 2013 and I was a blubbering fan. She and Kazuo Ishiguro are my two of my favourite authors.

Fast forward to the pandemic. I finally got to listen to the personable and entertaining Ishiguro, thanks to the wonders of technology put to good use. I moved to Japan last year, and it was my first time away from home but you know, logging in and being part of the festivities – I was home. Thank you, EdBookFest, for bringing home to me.

Oh and I discovered Richard Holloway during the pandemic. What a treasure.


Shiuan Ling P.