Farewell Charlotte Square

In the first year of the Book Festival, I had been working for just 3 years. I’m now retired, it’s funny to think that was all of 40 years ago. I have always lived in Glasgow and loved a trip through to Edinburgh. I stumbled across the set up at Charlotte Square that summer of ’83 and I’m so glad I did.

I remember the hazy summer days, wine in hand, watching the book lovers of the world go by. Spotting the authors was my favourite preoccupation. I’ve seen so many over the years, and listened enthralled under cover of the tents when torrential rain has battered down, threatening to drown out the sound of the speakers.

Ian Rankin is always a delight whether the interviewer or interviewee. Likewise Andrew O’Hagan. Other highlights were Andrew Marr, A.L. Kennedy and the fabulous Alan Bennett. Looking forward to see what this year will bring at the new venue.

Good luck to everyone involved.


Deborah Portilla