Portobello Beach in August

I sit
on the beach wall
and watch
and listen

Where are we actually going
I’ve walked so far

it’s hot
enough on the beach
to wear shorts and a t-shirt.

The wee lad in shorts was the best actor

You can’t wriggle out of a jumper delicately


Daily dog walks

I want to go somewhere and pet dogs
Not to mention Greyfriars’ bleedin’ Bobby

Stone skimming first date

You can’t even buy pillows there
It’s online

Family french cricket

Hello hello,,oh- you’re here too
That’s a life lesson for you- always check your ball
I don’t know how I’d cope on the train with three of them on my own

Group therapy

How do we go to the beach and have FUN?
My problem is I plants I like

I don’t know how but I burn my arm

You wouldn’t say that if you had my prostate

What’s taking mummy so long?

Ha-ha, ha-ha

one red stripe

that prickles

and when touched it’s surprisingly hot

Your curve is weird
Bloody Nora
Roll with the punches, it lessens the pain



Ruth Landreth